Roc 'N Rope bugfix
Submission date: Wed 13 April, 2011
Submission time: 20:38
We are delighted to announce a bug-fixed version of Icon Games' Roc 'N Rope! If you're experiencing problems with this game but haven't responded to our call yet, do not hesitate and contact us to have your game swapped with a fixed version - free of charge, of course.
Roc 'N Rope bug
Submission date: Thu 27 January, 2011
Submission time: 23:07
Some bug reports have come to our attention, concerning the new Icon Games production "Roc 'N Rope". Several users reported that the sound, or in some cases even the entire game hangs at some point. Needless to say, sales for this game are currently on hold and pending orders will be delayed. Our sincere apologies for this situation, as this is not the level of quality that we strive to achieve.

For the customers who did buy this game, there are two solutions:
  • Return the game to us and get your money back. Please send us an e-mail for the address and to specify your bank account number.
  • If you can work around the bug or don't experience it at all, you can wait until the game's developer releases a fixed version of the game. Your cartridge can then be exchanged with a fixed one, with no additional costs.
Obviously, the cartridge must still be in good condition. If you wish to utilize either solution, please mention the following in your e-mail:
  • MSX brand, type, amount of RAM, etc.
  • Point in the game at which the bug occurs
  • Any additional information that could be useful for the developer
For customers who bought the game at Matra's: please also note that Matra offers the same service; contact them to resolve the problem.
Bitwise out of office
Submission date: Wed 23 July, 2008
Submission time: 14:48
From July 28th till August 9th, we will be out of office. As soon as we get back, your mails and orders will be answered!
Bitwise to attend Bonami Retro fair
Submission date: Fri 18 July, 2008
Submission time: 15:19
On Sunday, October 5th, 2008 Bonami is organizing a retro fair. We will be there, showing and selling our latest games on cartridge and of course the other items in our product line.

The fair will be held in Wijkcentrum De Stolp, Violierenplein 101 in Apeldoorn (The Netherlands). Entrance to the fair is only € 1.-!
Night Driver, Box Boy & Montezuma's Revenge - In store now!
Submission date: Fri 18 July, 2008
Submission time: 15:12
We are pleased to announce three new games in the Bitwise games programme:All games have the usual price tag of € 14.50, but have not been placed on the order form. Instead, if you'd like to have one of these three games, please send us an e-mail or use the contact form. We intend to do a major site update sometime soon and will have this resolved by then.
Coming soon: FLAX
Submission date: Tue 1 July, 2008
Submission time: 09:18
A few days ago, at the MadriSX 25th Anniversary Event, Matra announced that FLAX was to be released soon. FLAX is a new type of Flash cartridge for your MSX, a device to which you can upload your favorite game ROM images in order to play them from cartridge! Its features are:
  • 1024kB Flash ROM
  • ASCII 8kB mapper
  • Enable/disable button
This device will cost you only € 25,- ex. S&H and will come in a nice package -- just as you are used to see from Matra. As soon as we have a batch, we will be able to take orders, so watch this space!