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What an exciting year it is, and the good stuff is not over yet!

We are happy to announce that it is now possible to order the Japanese instant classic "Singular Stone" for MSX2. This Dragon Slayer IV inspired, side scrolling action RPG will blow you away with its high-paced action, great screen 4 graphics, and FM + PSG sound. Take on the role of Stone Guardians and defeat the evil army that took the Singular Stone out of its holy shrine. Each of the Guardians has its own signature attack and abilities, requiring you to be creative and consider which character to take for the task at hand. Grow your Guardian's capabilities by building up experience as you travel through multiple, interconnected staged. Many hours of gameplay are guaranteed!

Singular Stone

Relevo's Snowboarding

Next up is Relevo's Snowboarding. It may come as no surprise for many of you, who've been following the news around MSXdev'20. Not only did it reach among the top ranked games of this season, it did so with a very original game concept and going all the way for a Konami look&feel. This comes back in the artwork, in true Konami spirit there are two box styles to choose from! Which one will you take? I know, I'll take both!

Lastly, speaking about Konami, "The Legend of Konami" books are still available! This is a must-have for any fan of Konami's work for MSX. The book has a wealth of info on each Konami MSX release, including screenshots, game artwork, publishing formats, cheat codes, and much, much more. All this info comes to you in a low-tech but high-quality format, called a "book" (who knows what that is, in this day and age?).

Konami Book

For all of the above holds, if you are interested, please send a reply to this email. We will gladly help you out with any information required. If you missed the previous newsletter, please find it here. Also, let us know if you have any inquiry for a Bitwise distributed game that is not listed here. Feel free to reach out - most, if not all games are still for sale.

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