Kralizec's Bomb Jack for MSX2

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Screenshot: Title screen of Bomb Jack for MSX2

Title screen of Bomb Jack for MSX2

Screenshot: Round 1

Round 1

Screenshot: Round 3

Round 3

Bomb Jack is a genuine classic game. The game could be found virtually anywhere in the mid-eighties. The game was never ported to MSX2... until now.
You have to control Jack, the mini-super-hero of this game. In each round, you have to get all bombs in order to advance. Robot-enemies will try to get you while you're at that, so beware! The only thing that remains the same over the rounds, is the number of bombs; there's 24 of them.
As you have caught the first bomb, you'll notice another one will be ignited. Try to catch it, and it will score the double amount! If you get 23 ignition bombs, it will count as a PERFECT and you'll get a great bonus score. You'll get an additional bonus score when you score 20 or more ignition bombs as well.
Sometimes, special items appear throughout the levels. They stand for:

The eventual aim of the game is simple: get as high a score as you can possibly get! Conclude as many levels as possible to end up with the highest rank possible!

This seems to be a very old recipe for classic Japanese games: the older the game, the more important it is getting a high score!

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You can order Bomb Jack by going here, or clicking the link below. Kralizec have included a promo of Bomb Jack for MSX2 on their website. You can download it either there or from our website.

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