» Product summary

The Shockware label has just been initiated! It provides a means for YOU, game evelopers, to let your software be physically released on cartridge! “Impossible!”, you say? Nowhere near! Matra provides a design, production and (in co-operation with Bitwise) distribution channel. You have the game you want to release, we provide the means to do so.
You just keep doing what you do: making games. Contact and provide us with your games and wishes you may have for the production. Make your demands concerning the final price. The standard final price is € 12.50 per game distributed by Matra, or € 14.50 per game distributed by any of its affiliates, due to extra administration and S&H costs.

Now comes the best part: it will cost you nothing at all, except for some time sending e-mails to get into touch with us. Great deal, don't you think?

Matra can provide a FREE extra design service. It means that Matra takes care of the artwork supporting the game, such as the box, manual and label lay-out. Of course, you can provide your own artwork. It’s your choice. Note that in all cases, the text ‘Shockware’ or ‘Shockwared by Matra’ may be included by Matra.
Matra takes care of the FREE ROM production (being anywhere up to 64K, but MegaROM is also a possibility!). The cartridge outer dimensions comply to the ones set by ASCII Corporation. This means that it is impossible to blow your MSX by inserting the cartridge in a wrong way! Matra takes care of the full packaging production (being anything artwork related, including the professional Laura Palmer Sealed System plastic wrapping).
Matra takes care of the FREE distribution, together with all its affiliates. You are ensured that your game will be available at a good price, anywhere around the globe! All distributors provide you with a 20% part of the final price!

Are you interested in selling your games on cartridge, worldwide? We bet you are. So go on and contact us now!

» Status

Currently, eight games have been released under the Shockware label, being:

More games are to follow - yours could be next! Contact us now!