Kralizec's Dahku

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Screenshot: Title screen of Dahku

Title screen of Dahku

Screenshot: Select your hero

Select your hero

Screenshot: Playing Dahku

Playing Dahku

Being a newly invented game, Dahku has everything a geniune classic arcade game would have as well. Choose from three super-heroes of the game: Ronny (easy), Sonja (standard) or Rogue (hard). They are all apprentices to the Necromancy Academy and want to get their black demon diploma. Therefore you will have to pick your favourite and guide him or her through each of the five fingers of Dahku. These five towers have five floors, and at the highest of each, your hero will encounter a Wizzexaminer. Beat these examiners to proceed to the next finger of Dahku and eventually beat the game.

To get to the next floor in the towers of Dahku, you will have to collect a number of keys. In order to collect these, you can freeze the various monsters roaming throughout Dahku, and throw them against boxes. These boxes contain either items or keys. You will find the following items in Dahku:

The first time you pick up a spell, you will memorise it. The next time you pick up the same spell, you will actually release its magic. Beware: you can only memorise one spell at a time! So think and act wisely while obtaining spell blocks!

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You can order Dahku by going here, or clicking the link below. Kralizec have included a promo of Dahku on their website. You can download it either there or from our website.

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